Waikato River Authority keen to work with groups to access funding

The Waikato River Authority, a co-governance body established between the Crown and Waikato River Iwi to restore the Waikato River, is keen to work with groups that may be considering applying for funding for river projects.

The Authority has $6 million to distribute in its first funding round. Applications for these funds close on 16 December 2011.

The co chairs of the Waikato River Authority, Mr Tukoroirangi Morgan and the Hon John Luxton say while the Authority is in its establishment phase it is eager to work as closely as it can with potential applicants to ensure every opportunity for funding.

“We understand that there are many groups and organisations that are still coming to know and learn about the Authority and what its objectives are, so the more we can get along side these people as they make their applications the better it is for everyone,” says Mr Morgan.

The Authority is prepared to meet with groups that are considering funding applications.

John Luxton says meetings have already been organized with some groups and it is possible for any organisation wanting direct contact with the Authority about funding to have access.
There has been a high level of interest in the funding so far, after the Authority asked for prospective applicants to register their interest on its website www.waikatoriver.org.nz .

“We are expecting that applications for the first funding round will be over subscribed, which from the Authority’s point of view is a great situation to be in. While we would never fund projects that don’t meet our criteria or objectives, it is encouraging to think we will have a range and depth of projects to consider,” says Mr Luxton.

Detailed information about the application process and the Authority’s funding criteria are available on www.waikatoriver.org.nz.

For more information contact:

Bob Penter
Interim Secretary
Waikato River Authority
Ph: 0212 456359

by the authority and the council.