Two board members reappointed to Waikato River Authority

Two of the Crown representatives to the Waikato River Authority have been reappointed to stay on the Authority for a further three years.

The terms of appointment for Waipa Mayor Alan Livingston and Waikato Regional Council chairman Peter Buckley were due for review. The reappointments were made by the Crown following consultation with councils within the catchments of the Waikato and Waipa Rivers.

The River Authority has five Crown appointed board members and five Waikato River Iwi appointed members. The Authority is co-chaired with Crown and Iwi representation.

Waikato River Authority chief executive Bob Penter says board representation is reviewed on a staggered basis to ensure greatest governance stability. A number of other board member positions are scheduled for review later in the year.

The Waikato River Authority Iwi members are: Tukoroirangi Morgan (co-chair), Hemi Biddle, Roger Pikia, Stephanie O’Sullivan and John Kaati. The Crown representatives are: Hon John Luxton (co-chair), Peter Buckley, Alan Livingston, Sally Strang and Jenni Vernon.

The Authority is a co-governance body established between the Crown and Waikato River Iwi to restore the Waikato River. The Authority covers a catchment area of 11,000 square kilometres for New Zealand’s longest river. Over the next 27 years the Authority will administer $250 million to support the achievement of its purpose.

For further information contact:
Bob Penter, Chief Executive, Waikato River Authority
07 8580412