River leadership group formed to integrate restoration work

A strategic Waikato River catchment leadership group has been established to chart new territory in the way industry, government and iwi organisations can work together for the benefit of the Waikato and Waipa rivers.
Members of the group, known as the Waikato River Restoration Forum, all have significant interest in the Waikato River. It includes representatives from the Waikato River Authority and the five Waikato River iwi, Department of Conservation, Fonterra, DairyNZ, Mighty River Power, Genesis Energy (also representing various marae organisations around Huntly) and the Waikato Regional Council. The group has agreed terms of reference aimed at collaborating to achieve integrated restoration for the benefit of the river.
Waikato River Authority Chief Executive Bob Penter says an important role for the Waikato River Restoration Forum will be to share information and to work together on major projects relating to the health and wellbeing of the Waikato River.
“Each member of the Forum, sometimes on an individual basis, is involved in significant work relevant to the river. By combining or sharing our resources we have the opportunity to ensure substantial, effective and enduring progress towards the vision for a restored and healthy Waikato River.
It is proposed the Waikato River Restoration Forum will also take on a key support role for the development of a medium term restoration action plan for the Waikato River. It will also look for opportunities to raise community awareness and appreciation of the value of the Waikato River catchment. The Forum is also open to other organisations that can support an integrated and coordinated approach to river restoration initiatives.
The Forum has been brought together by the Waikato River Authority, which advocates for an integrated and cohesive approach for clean-up activities across the river catchment, that covers 11,000 square kilometres.
Over the past three years the Authority has allocated approximately $16 million to 108 individual river clean-up projects.

For further information contact:
Philip Burton, Communication Advisor
Waikato River Authority
021 428748 or 07 8397966