River Authority announces bigger and earlier funding round for 2013

The Waikato River Authority is bringing forward and adding a million dollars to it’s funding round this year in an effort to get increased momentum in cleaning up the Waikato River.

This year’s funding round will open on 1 July and will have up to $7 million available for clean-up projects.

River Authority co-chairs Tukoroirangi Morgan and Hon John Luxton say while the two previous funding rounds have been successful; the task ahead for the Authority, and the wider community, in looking after the river is considerable and there is a need to push even harder to see more clean-up action.

“At our funding round in 2012 not all available funds were awarded. We have funded some high quality projects and we are keen to send a message that we do have funding available for more projects that meet the required standards and outcomes,” says Mr Luxton.

The River Authority would also like to see more funding applications from community groups.

“A large part of protecting the health and wellbeing of the Waikato River is to ensure that people have a strong connection with the river. Even relatively small projects, for example where local community groups come together for planting programmes, can make a big environmental difference as well creating more people who are strong river advocates for the future,” says Mr Morgan.

Potential applicants are being encouraged to get in touch with the Authority’s office that will able to offer support and guidance regarding the funding process.

The Authority’s updated Funding Strategy 2013 will be available to coincide with the opening of the funding round. Applications for funding will close at the end of August. Projects will be divided into large and small categories with larger projects allocated in excess of $50,000. All Authority funding is inclusive of GST.

As has been the case in past years the Authority is keen to see a high level of co-funding, especially in the larger clean-up projects. The Authority says it will require more than just the resources of the Waikato River Authority to see a restored and protected river and consequently a high level of partnership and collaboration will be needed for ultimate success.

The Authority is a co-governance body established between the Crown and Waikato River Iwi to restore and protect the Waikato River. The Authority covers a catchment area of 11,000 square kilometres for New Zealand’s longest river. Over the next 27 years the Authority will administer $250 million to support the achievement of its purpose.

For further information contact:
Philip Burton
Communication Manager
Waikato River Authority
021 428748 or 07 8580412