Refreshed approach for Waikato River Authority’s second funding round

The Waikato River Authority will be refreshing its approach to how, and what sorts of river clean-up projects are supported, when it opens its second round of funding.

The Authority is also announcing that its funding process is being held earlier in the financial year to allow funding decisions to be made prior to Christmas. To achieve this deadline, the second funding round will open at the end of September.

The Authority’s first funding round saw a total of 45 projects supported, and it is likely that around $6 million will again be available in the second round, a similar amount to the first year.

Waikato River Authority co-chair Tukoroirangi Morgan says the Authority believes it is important to refresh the funding strategy before the second round begins.

“We are very conscious of being as effective as we possibly can be with the river clean-up funds so it is timely to re-examine priorities. We have also had the introduction of the Waipa River legislation since the Waikato River Authority got underway which effectively means including the whole of the Waipa River catchment as part of the clean-up. As an Authority we will need to give careful consideration to how we deal with such a large increase in our funding footprint,” says Mr Morgan.

Authority co-chair John Luxton says another key issue for the Authority to consider is the matter of co-funding.

“It was encouraging in our first year of funding to see that for every dollar distributed by the Authority there was 79 cents of project co-funding from other sources. However with the Waikato River clean-up task being so sizeable it is likely that the requirement for co-funding will become essential. Ideally in the future we would like to see co-funding move up to the level of two dollars for every dollar of River Authority funding,” says Mr Luxton.

The Waikato River Authority is a co-governance body established between the Crown and Waikato River iwi to restore the Waikato River. The government has committed $210 million over the next 30 years to restoring the health and well being of the river.

Detailed information about the application process and the Authority’s funding criteria will be available on in the weeks leading up to the opening of funding applications.

For more information contact:

Bob Penter
Chief Executive
Waikato River Authority
Ph: 021 2456359