Project Reporting


How to check your project information

All information relating to your project is stored on the WRA online portal. This can be accessed by logging in through the blue log-in box on this page.

Your username and password will be the same as those you used when making your funding application.

If you have forgotten your username and/or password you will need to contact the WRA to have it reset.

How to submit an invoice

Invoices to the Waikato River Clean Up Trust should be submitted upon completion of tasks outlined in your project plan (outlined in your deed of funding and accessible via the WRA project portal).

Invoices need to contain particular information. Click here to view an example invoice .

When submitting an invoice you will also be required to submit an interim report. Click here for access the WRAs interim report template.

Invoices can be submitted through the WRA online project portal or by emailing it to your WRA contact person.

How to request a project variation

If you would like to make changes to your project please first discuss these with the Waikato River Authority Fund Manager. Phone 07 839 7966.

You may be asked to complete a Project Variation Form.

How to provide project updates and reports

Each time you submit an invoice you will need to provide an interim project report. Click here to access the Interim project report template.

Upon completion of your project you will be required to complete a final project report. Click here to access the WRAs Final project report template.

All correspondence regarding your project can be submitted through the WRA online project portal or by emailing your WRA contact person.


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