Project Reporting

WRA has an online reporting system called SmartyGrants for submitting your invoices and reports.  We don't accept invoices and reports via email. 


Tips for reporting through SmartyGrants

  1. First time logging in: type in your email address and click 'Forgotten your password?' to set up a password.
  2. Once logged in to SmartyGrants click on ‘My Submissions’ at the top. 
  3. You will see the name of your active project/s in bold lettering and a form sitting below each one titled ‘Project Report – to be completed as required’.
  4. Click on the form titled ‘Project Report – to be completed as required’ and follow the instructions within it to provide your project report and upload your invoice, any supporting invoices, photos, receipts etc.  
  5. When you’ve answered all the questions in the form click ‘submit’.  The form will be sent to WRA for processing  and you will also notice a green arrow next to it.

Step-by-step guide to Project Reporting and Invoicing

Frequently asked quesitons

How do I claim WRA funding and what reporting is required?

  • All invoices to WRA for this project must be submitted through our online portal SmartyGrants (the same portal used when making your application) by filling in the ‘Project Report Form’.  You can login at or via the link on this page. 
  • Invoices can be submitted at any time.  You must provide evidence of expenses (e.g. supplier invoices, photos, receipts, etc) for each task (as in your Deed of Funding) and will be prompted to include/upload this information in the ‘Project Report’ form in SmartyGrants.  

NOTE: If your project is complex and/or you have dozens of supporting invoices and/or photos to upload please compile this information into a word document and upload the word document.

  • You are required to also provide information about the in-kind and cash co-funding spent on the project.
  • If the WRA funding for your project is less than $50,000 you can invoice us for 80% upfront and the remaining 20% on completion of the project.  Please contact us if you would like to do this and we will step you through the process.
  • If the WRA funding for your project is more than $50,000 you will need to submit invoices following the completion of project tasks. Invoices can be submitted at any time and must be submitted online in our ‘Project Report Form’.  You must provide evidence of expenses (e.g. supplier invoices, photos, receipts, etc) and will be prompted to include/upload this information in the project report form.
  • Your project may be selected for independent audit at some stage so thorough record keeping is critical.

Additional reporting requirements:

  • At the conclusion of your project, you will be requested to provide some overall output data about your project and it is recommended you start recording this information when you start your project.  This information will include:








    • number of plants planted (native and non-native)
    • length of fencing completed
    • area of land retired from grazing
    • value of cash co-funding
    • value of in-kind funding
    • number of community events held
    • number of people attending these events
    • number of paid employees and/or contractors that worked on the project
    • number of work days this equates to

What should my invoice look like?

Invoices must contain particular information. Click on this link  WRA Invoice Template to view an example invoice

I want to talk to a real person, who should I contact?

WRA has two staff dedicated to helping funding recipients – Sue McConnochie (Restoration Projects Advisor) and Michelle Hodges (Fund Manager).  When your project was granted funding you would have been assigned either Michelle or Sue as your contact person.  

Sue McConnochie –

Michelle Hodges –

Ph: 07 837 7966 

I would like to make changes to my project, how do I request a project variation? 

If you would like to make changes to your project please first discuss these with the Waikato River Authority Fund Manager. Phone 07 839 7966.  You may be asked to complete a Project Variation Form.