Congratulations to the organisations whose applications for funding from the inaugural funding round were successful. The Waikato River Clean Up Trust are pleased to fund the following projects for 2011. The Trustees would like to thank all the applicants and encourage those who were not selected to apply in the next funding round. A realigned funding strategy and a refreshed set of priorities is available in the Funding section of this website.

The the projects funded below are divided into two categories with over $50,000 and under $50,000 projects.

Dr Bruno David – Waikato Regional Council

Over $50,000 recipients

Application Name > 50K Project ProjectStatus  
WRA 11-019 Dairy NZ Limited $685,000 Reduce nutrient loads, sedimentation and faecal microbe in the Upper Karapiro catchment by implementing auditable Environmental Management Plans  In Progress
WRA 11-029 GHD Limited $32,000 To provide an interactive GIS web based tool to assist the WRA in overseeing water quality and ecological restoration initiatives Completed
WRA 11-047 National Wetland Trust of New Zealand Inc $600,000 Promote Rotopiko/Lake Serpentine as a showcase site for visitors, education, training and research Completed
WRA 11-059 NIWA $44,677 A project carried out by NIWA to research the number of koura present in the upper Waikato River. Completed
WRA 11-061 NZ Landcare Trust $140,300 Community Catchment Restoration Action Plan for the Rotomanuka Lakes Completed
WRA 11-068 Raukawa Charitable Trust $86,423 Stage Two. Produce an iwi fisheries plan for Area B of the Waikato River  Completed
WRA 11-069 Raukawa Charitable Trust $358,200 Raukawa Environment Management Plan  Completed
WRA 11-078 Solid Energy NZ & Waahi Whanui Trust $57,385 Kimihia Restoration Project – to restore riparian vegetation, long term outcome to increase adult whitebait  Completed
WRA 11-082 Te Arawa River Iwi Trust $98,426 Develop cultural framework based on Te Araw River Iwi Matauranga which will be used to implement environmental restoration and management within Te Arawa River Iwi Trust tribal area Completed
WRA 11-083 Te Awa River Ride Charitable Trust $150,000 Architectually landscaped cycle trailway creating access to the river. 3 year project  Completed
WRA 11-085 Kanae Kakariki Trust $300,000 Vegetation Management Plan – clearing exotic and invasive trees and plants on Waikato River bank Completed
WRA 11-088 Tonkin Taylor & Mangakotukutuku Stream Care Group $140,300 Development of urban stream restoration demonstration sites in Hamilton City Completed
WRA 11-105 Waikato Regional Council $85,000 Carp-N Neutral Pilot Project at Lake Waikare. The construction and delivery of a mobile digester to Lake Waikare. Supply to community groups for propagating native plants Completed
WRA 11-108 Waikato River Care – Lower Waikato River Enhancement Society Inc $399,800 Restoration of riparian ecosystems at three sites along the margins of the Lower Waikato River Completed
WRA 11-109 Waikato River Trails Trust $143,950 Further development of Waikato River trails in South Waikato together with riparian protection In Progress
WRA 11-111 Waikato-Tainui College for Research and Development $100,000 Collate Waikato-Tainui maatauranga Maaori and Science understandings of the Waikato River, develop into educational resources to be located on The Science Learning Hub website Completed
WRA 11-112 Waikato-Tainui Te Kauhanganui $357,650 Develop Waikato-Tainui iwi management plan.  Completed
WRA 11-113 Waikato-Tainui Te Kauhanganui, Waahi Whaanui Trust and Genesis Power $609,500 Holistic restoration of Lake Waahi, through pest control and riparian habitat enhancement Completed
WRA 11-115 Waipa District Council $120,000 Restoration of Lake Ngaroto and its environs Completed


Under $50,000 recipients

Application Name < 50K Project ProjectStatus
WRA 11-001 3 Way Charitable Trust & Taupiri Marae Committee $20,688 A small Taupiri Urupa River restoration project  Completed
WRA 11-002 3 Way Charitable Trust & Taupiri Marae Committee $32,646.20 A management plan for the restoration of awa.  Completed
WRA 11-007 Auckland/Waikato Fish and Game Council $18,500 Restoration of whitebait habitat near Tuakau  Completed
WRA 11-008 Auckland/Waikato Fish and Game Council $48,500 Kopuku Wetland restoration at Whangamarino  Completed
WRA 11-013 Boffa Miskell Ltd $39,790 Provide a field tool for landowners to determine the most appropriate riparian species to plant to address issues specific to their watercourse  Completed
WRA 11-016 Cambridge Primary School $11,385 Turn an overgrown unusable piece of land into an outdoor classroom. Plant native area for students and community use.  Completed
WRA 11-017 Cambridge Tree Trust $38,434 5 year plan to establish a Medow Walk, with native plants and walkways. Aim to plant 10,000 plants over 5years  Completed
WRA 11-025 Eel Enhancement Company Ltd $11,500 Assess the opportunity for quality eel production from Lake Waikare  Completed
WRA 11-026 Eel Enhancement Company Ltd $34,500 Assess the opportunity for increased quality eel production from Lake Whangape  Completed
WRA 11-036 Hamilton Fish & Game $18,750 Lake Koromatua restoration programme of waterway and reserve.  Completed
WRA 11-041 Landcorp Farming Limited $8,625 Removal of car bodies from river Completed
WRA 11-043 Mangakotukutuku Puna Koiora Trust $50,000 Extend the care of the Mangakotukutuku Stream with particular emphasis on maatauranga Maori to restore and protect the indigenous biodiversity  Completed
WRA 11-049 New Zealand Farm Environment Trust $17,250 Creation of a WRA Award as part of the Waikato Balance Farm Environment Awards  Completed
WRA 11-050 Ngaa Muka Development Trust $36,535.55 Construct a water quality assessment tool based on maatauranga maaori and western science.  Completed
WRA 11-051 Ngaati Haua Mahi Trust $49,678 Cultural mapping of Ngati Haua rohe – heritage places, sites and areas Completed
WRA 11-060 NZ Landcare Trust $42,550 Produce a bi-lingual Waikato River Catchment Guide  Completed
WRA 11-064 Oruanui 9/10 Farm Block $39,900 Education and restoration of sustainable dairy farming practices on Oruanui 9/10 Farm Block Completed
WRA 11-067 Raukawa Charitable Trust $32,631 Stage One. Development of a framework and template for a Raukawa Fisheries Plan in Area B of the Waikato River  Completed
WRA 11-070 Raukawa Charitable Trust $45,885 Demonstrate a measurable reduction in te farming footprint of the Te Raparahi Lands Trust by developing a sustainable farming system Completed
WRA 11-072 Raukawa Charitable Trust $22,580 Restore and enhance two wetlands. One on Jack Henry Road in Area B, and the other Ongaroto Road wetland within the Raukawa rohe. Completed
WRA 11-079 SMP Muir Family Trust $10,810 Muir family restoration of whitebait habitat near Waiuku Completed
WRA 11-114 Waipa District Council $28,175 Council assisted by iwi and community groups, wish to make Matakitaki Pa site a showcase heritage site. Planting, wetland and Pa restoration, visitor access.  Completed

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