Application Name Approved maximum Project Completed
WRA 13-054 Manaaki Tuna -restoration of tuna in the lower Waikato River  (Waikato-Tainui College) $851,500.00 Waikato-Tainui College, NIWA and WRRT are funded to undertake a major tuna restoration project in the lower Waikato River catchment. A three year project including development of a tuna restoration plan for the Waikato River, habitat restoration, eel transfers, and improvements in fish passage.  Collating Waikato-Tainui maatauranga o te tuna.  In Progress
WRA 13-021 Willow and alder management
New Zealand Landcare Trust & WRRT
$49,800.00 Development of a guideline for willow and alder management within the catchment, agreed across interested parties.  Completed
WRA 13-051 Mangapu River restoration
Waikato Regional Council & Maniapoto Maori Trust Board
$46,428.00 Undertaking riparian retoration on the Mangapu River  Completed
WRA 13-052 Kaniwhaniwha Stream
Waikato Regional Council & Nga Uri a Maahanga
$48,877.00 Kaniwhaniwha Stream Riparian Restoration  Completed
WRA 13-022 Mangaonua Stream restoration
Ngaati Haua Mahi Trust
$184,000.00 Mangaonua Stream Gully System Restoration – pest plant removal and replanting  Completed
WRA 13-013 Lower Mangapiko Stream Care $42,766.00 Mangapiko Stream Restoration – stock exclusion and riparian restoration  Completed
WRA 13-023 Maniapoto Stream Hillcrest
Ngaati Haua Mahi Trust
$165,380.00 Mangaone Stream Riparian Restoration – plant pest removal and replanting  Completed
WRA 13-041 Wetland restoration Te Toke
Te Toke Ahu Whenua Trust
$131,675.00 Restoration of a major wetland within the Te Toke Forest  Completed
WRA 13-033 Provision of trees for planting
South Waikato Environmental Initiatives
$17,569.20 Provision of trees to supply riparian margin restorations in the South Waikato District  Completed
WRA 13-060 Lower Waipa River riparian project
Whaingaroa Harbourcare
$233,460.00 Fencing and planting of riparian areas in the Lower Waipa River  Completed
WRA 13-018 Evaluation of koura in hydro lakes NIWA $98,540.00 Strategic evaluation of koura populations in the upper Waikato – gaining an udnerstanding of what impacts are causing much reduced koura populations in the hydro lakes  Completed
WRA 13-014 Maniapoto Fisheries Plan
Maniapoto Maori Trust Board
$83,260.00 Development of the Maniapoto Fisheries Plan  In Progress
WRA 13-026 Restoration from Willows
Opus International Consultants
$49,300.00 Trialling restoration methods to move riparian vegetation from willows to indigenous plants using Western science and Maatauranga Maori. Completed
WRA 13-057 Lake Ngaroto planting and pest fish removal
Waipa District Council
$131,890.40 Lake Ngaroto -undertaking riparian planting & pest fish reduction programmes Completed
WRA 13-008 GIS toolbox
GHD Limited
$71,760.00 Providing the WRA with a GIS Toolbox to allow evaluation of proposed and ongoing projects, and impacts on the catchment  Completed
WRA 13-035 Mangati Stream restoration
Stuart Muir
$49,130.00 Restoration of inanga spawning habitat on the Mangati Stream, lower Waikato Completed
WRA 13-053 Te Awa River Ride and planting Ngaruawahia south $160,383.95 Te Awa River ride enhancement through pest plant removal and replanting of a 1400m length of riparian area alongside the Te Awa River Ride at Ngaruawhia  In Progress
WRA 13-010 Hamilton Gully Restoration
Hamilton City Council
$50,000.00 Supporting restoration of Hamilton City streams and gullies through, provision of eco-sourced plants, providing seminars and information to landowners, and promotion of restoration activities. Completed
WRA 13-003 Cambridge Meadow Walk
Cambridge Tree Trust
$15,000.00 Supporting the Cambridge Tree Trust in ongoing riverside planting activities at Cambridge Completed
WRA 13-001 Kainui Wetland Restoration
3 Way Charitable Trust
$37,731.50 Kainui Wetlands Restoration – pest plant removal and replantign with native plant species  Completed
WRA 13-039 Cambridge linkage
Te Awa River Ride Charitable Trust
$235,000.00 Riparian protection and planting aspects of the Te Awa River Ride – Cambridge section Completed
WRA 13-055 Karaprio Gully restoration
Waipa DC & Ngaati Haua Mahi Trust
$300,000.00 Fencing, pest plant removal and revegetation of the Karapiro Gully to reduce sediementation loads to the Waikato River  In Progress
WRA 13-020 Summary of restoration projects
New Zealand Landcare Trust
$50,000.00 Capturing the extent of the restoration work being undertaken within the Waikato River catchment. Completed
WRA 13-029 Wairere Stream enhancement – Maniapoto $115,000.00 Wairere Streams and Maniapoto Caves Enhancement – riparian and wetland protection and restoration associated with a  site of cultural significance  In Progress
WRA 13-044 Aka Aka inanga spawning
Toro Atu Charitable Trust
$280,000.00 Inanga Spawning Habitat Restoration – through plant pest removal, recountouring and replanting in the lower Waikato River Completed
WRA 13-032 Kimihia Stream and Lake
Solid Energy & Waahi Whaanui Trust
$138,792.00 Kimihia Restoration Project – protectiona nd replanting of Lake Kimihia  In Progress
WRA 13-005 Lower Waikato peat lakes
Conservation Volunteers NZ
$100,000.00 Healthy Habitats Waikato – Empowering Local Communities.  Providing support for volunteer groups and individuals taking part in river restoration activites  Completed
WRA 13-015 Maniapoto Environmental Plan
Maniapoto Maori Trust Board
$175,000.00 Undertaking a review of the Maniapoto Environmental Management Plan Completed
WRA 13-038 Manaki Taiao: Vegetation management
Tainui Development Authority
$1,200,000.00 A major riverbank clearance of exotic and pest plants between Huntly and Rangiriri Bridge. Together with the Kaneae Kakariki Trust the project will initially see approximately six kilometres of riverbank cleared and replanted over two years.  In Progress
WRA 13-012 Mangawara Stream Wetland
Landcare Research Ltd
$200,000.00 Mangawara Stream Wetland & Riparian Project – protection and restoration of a wetland Completed
WRA 13-027 River restoration and access at Otorohanga
Otorohanga District Council
$100,000.00 Otorohanga Waterways and Streams – restoration of wetlands within Otorohanga. Completed
WRA 13-025 Lake Waikare shore planting
Nikau Farm Estate Trust
$68,800.00 Nikau Farm Estate Trust Riparian Project – fencing and planting of lake margin. Completed
WRA 13-058 Lake Mangakaware improvement
Waipa District Council
$41,400.00 Lake Mangakaware – Improving the quality of inflowing catchment water through the use of silt traps on major inflows  Completed


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